Sex work involves two or more services between at least two persons where sex is exchanged for money or goods. Some female escorts like to have it with a group of individuals to get more money. Street sex workers who meet the clients on the street, in the client's cars, or in any private room are illegal. Indoor sex workers are employed to work in the massage parlour or the hotels.

Research has been conducted on the street sex workers, and they are more than the indoor sex workers. The street OC escorts generally break the violence by doing open sex on the streets. Indoor sex workers are more likely to view their work as a career than a job.


Significantly less research has been conducted on the sex workers' personal and romantic relationship status with the female escorts. After getting into sex work, females try to avoid their love relations because this becomes the nature of their work, and they do not want to have it all day and night. Mentally they started separating from their loved ones because the coping mechanism is required to balance the aspects of their lives.


Women were recruited based on the type of body they showed to the recruitment officers. Recruiters officially check them by having physical relations with the escort ladies and hire which one they like. Women are just salary based, and they have to satisfy multiple clients daily. Some escort services impact the nature of the women with their romantic relationships.

This exploratory study aims to know about the impacts of sex on the lives of the workers. After doing a survey, it is known that out of 50 members, 36 significantly impact their relationship life.

Of the 31 questions asked in a survey, 25 questions were about sex work, relationships and whether condoms were used by the clients or not. It was a survey conducted to know about the fact on how female escorts were abused during their sex work. Three questions were asked separately to judge the separation of work and personal relationships on the base of work-family conflict.


Most women (78%) have reported that sex work has separated their personal relationship life in a negative way, mainly related to issues such as trust, guilt and jealousy. A small percentage of women have reported positively that sex work has improved their sexual self-esteem and confidence in doing it. They have also said that earlier they feel shy, and now with the experience, they are getting comfortable doing this work.

Many women used mental separation to manage the stress between sex work and their relationships. Members checked the validated accuracy of the questioned data and found that more than 90% of the data was correct.


This exploratory study signifies several ways in which sex work has negatively impacted the personal life of sex workers. The reviews can be found on Orange County escorts to get more information about the sex work life of women. Different nations have started greater public awareness and education programmes worldwide to ease women's issues in sex life and their relationships.