The issue of prostitution has always been a political and ethical debate worldwide due to its great controversies. This industry moves money globally, where men and women offer their services to all types of clients. It is considered a profession and is the oldest working tool in the body and sexual services.

The first record of prostitution was made known in 2400 BC, in a temple that Sumerian priests operated. Many years have passed, but that is no excuse for society to discredit and criticize this profession. You can even see that this is the most criticized profession globally, more than drug trafficking and mafias.

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As you know, many years can go by, and there will still be countries that will penalize this profession, but other countries will not. You have an example of China; the government says that escort sites "corrupt the mind and pollute the atmosphere." But if you visit Brazil, you will see that the escorts receive government pensions and have protection, rights, and benefits.

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